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I for some time, Jan and Tom live for a year or so, that ' butter would dtvideo not melt ' type of young professional mother in public, and a real sexy bitch in private. I realized that Tom aside a little submissive to him there, and I knew he liked, Jan behave sexy to me. was at home at nine o'clock on the watch came in the night after her children went to bed. It was a beautiful large family home, beautifully furnished and decorated by the ' perfect mother and housewife' January You had me at the door with a very short tartan skirt, white blouse and no bra thin, medium and links (showing ) and heels very welcome. It's a sexy size 10, petite and thin, but with a very well rounded butt J -Lo, a very pretty face, dark hair and large dark eyes. We kissed, like me, Tom moved to the kitchen door and saw his wife kissing. We settled into the living room with a glass of wine, chatting and brings news since my last visit. January was sitting opposite me, with legs enoughexcept that I have a good view of her thighs above her stockings, and dark hair between her legs. I knew he was not wearing panties under her skirt, so do not be surprised to see her pussy. Slowly opened my legs as I spoke a better view. Tom went to check if their children were asleep, and I took as a signal to start things. With a hard cock in my pants, I got up and went to Jan, took her hand and placed it in front of my pants so she could feel my dtvideo hardness. I asked if I wanted, and in a second, he knelt before me, unzipped my jeans and stuffed with my cock in her mouth. Tom re-entered the room, seeing his wife on his knees before me, my mouth full of cock. He leaned back in a chair, and I approached him, so she dtvideo was kneeling near where her husband Sat She was directly in front of him as he licked and sucked my penis and testicles. As usual, Jan and I screwed up and played in the sameIME, with Tom watched from his chair. After she had normal half dozen or so enjoyed orgasms while still hot as hell. Tom sat watching and occasionally pull his little cock was so hard it hurts. Jan and Tom were in town, the local church members said. She has flowers in the church, sometimes working with the clergy of the services. Had always hung over the morality of what they do with me, with the firm conviction that a woman should be loyal and faithful dtvideo to her husband, and that infidelity is a sin, but all that disappeared, having to play my cock. I'm tired of fucking on the couch and carpet, so I suggested we dtvideo went into a bedroom. We had done before, he went to his guest room, and I sometimes spend the night there and acted as a family friend for breakfast. This time was different. We left Tom in the room, and when we went up Jan was naked except for her stockings and suspenders. He walked ahead of me, so sure there would be a real feast for the eyes of his beautiful ass. At the top, instead of the room, went to the bedroom. 'I want to fuck me in bed,' he dtvideo said, ' Fuck me, where I will sleep normally for me to remember what it is, if I was going to bed,' It is evident in the same thought turned, but also feels terribly guilty because she is so fake. I played with them, tell them to get their side of the bed. I got on the other side, and turned to embrace and cherish being. ' Whose bed,' I asked She hesitated, then said. 'This is Tom and my bed Is this your bed. '' ? ' I asked,' Where do you sleep with your husband? 'Silence, no answer. '. ' 'Who should be here with you and that you should keep this in bed,' Tom, ' she said, ' is Tom and my bed, Tom is the man, 'he said,' You must be a faithful wife and having dtvideo sex with her husband in bed. '' Yes, Tom in bed, 'he answered quietly, but I could tellI was always early in the conversation. 'Tom should be here with me. ' ' I'm not your man. ' More peace. N 'I'm going to hell in bed, where you and Tom sleep together, ' ' This is our bed,' he said. I started to call her Mrs. Xxxx, her married name ' Mrs. Xxxx, the bed serving ? ' bed Tom, my husband in bed, ' ' Where is your husband? '' He is down ' ' Do you know where you are in bed with another man? ' I do not want him to know,' 'What are you doing here, Ms. Xxxx ? ' ' I want to fuck me in the '' my bed, but this is the Tom 's bed, he's your man, you should be here with him, '' I dtvideo know, but I'll be here where I sleep in general and to fuck me, ' ' Mrs. Xxxx , which should not be with another man, who should I? you should be here with Tom, he is your husband s' 'I know, but I want your cock in me,' Jan became completely guilt and passion - I told him exactly in the back, where he was, as Tom took it, thenI slipped on the top and slid my dick in wet pussy I've ever met. She has gone mad and yelled, 'Yes, fuck me fuck me. '. I was rock hard, and the feeling that my girth stretched her tight dtvideo pussy was incredible. As I picked up strongly, I told her she was a shit to let another man in the bed of her husband, she must be loyal, but she loved my cock, and as a cheap whore, nausea for dtvideo a good fuck. I called Mrs. Xxxx all the time - ask them what they do with another man in her bed. I had seen many times, Jan occur ten times in one night, orgasm strong, very difficult for her breath, but now it was all the time, a long series of orgasms with her body twisted below me, shaking her red head from side to side, her face, neck and chest bright pink wash. Finally, I could not hold back and came deep inside her, filling her hot little cunt come. She screamed as she felt that I come, and they both tumbled to recover. asShe put my cock, I felt the moisture of her pussy flood. She moved quickly to begin to lick me, something I loved to do, and I could get the mix of my wetness and leaks can be seen in bed, makes a big wet spot. As I relaxed, listened in silence to open the door. Tom was naked and his small cock pressed against her belly. dtvideo He kissed her hair, in January, stroked dtvideo her gently, with love. Then, when she left her job of cleaning my balls, gently pushed him back, spread her dtvideo legs and put his face between the flooded and swollen pussy. What a handsome man ! A The next morning she came to me in the closet, got into bed with me and fucked hard for half an hour. I joined them, and then returned to her husband. Later she acted like it was the loving mother, breakfast for her children, her husband and their guests. Children went to school, Tom went to work and took my kitchen table. She told me she had doneTom sleep in the wet spot, and they are not going to wash the leaves for a week. The next day, Tom called me and thanked me for making his wife happy. I told him his wife was a great partner for sex, which had the tightest pussy he had never known it was going to wait to dtvideo call me whenever he wanted something more of my cock. I heard a straw right now. He promised me he would call me soon, and I heard him groan as he came.
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